Sierra Park
I.O.O.F. Sierra Camp Subdivision

Tuolmne County Cameras

Pine Crest

Dodge Ridge - Base Area
Dodge Ridge - Summit

Cold Springs

Rob's Cabin - Elevation: 5540 feet

Bald Helibase Webcam

BH 1 Bald Helibase NE toward Dardanelle

Bald Mountain (BM) Cameras - SQF

BM 1 N Farewell Gap to Kern River
BM 2 N to Mt. Whitney
BM 3 East toward Kennedy Meadow
BM 4 SE toward DomeLands
BM 5 NE to Olancha Peak

Twain Harte / Sonora

Cedar Ridge Ranch - Elevation: 3930 feet


Yosemite Web Cams
Ahwahnee Meadow East toward Half Dome
Sentinel Dome NW up Tenaya Canyon
TD 1 East to Yosemite Valley
Air Quality data + View to West From Turtleback Dome - Elevation: 5266 feet

Turtleback Dome (TD) Cameras - YNP

TD 1 East to Yosemite Valley
TD 2 West toward the foothills

Fire Monitoring Cameras

Sierra Wildland Fire Reporting System

Sierra Wildland Fire Reporting System Web Cams

Traffic Cameras


Caltrans Live Traffic Cameras

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